Fabio F. Centamore

Fabio F. Centamore has written novels and tales for several Sci-Fi literary prizes: “Urania” prize (1994 and ’95), “Courmaieur” prize (1994, ’95 and ’96). In 2009 he sold his first Italian tales anthology: Alle Sett’Albe. His first novel appeared in 2010: L’Origine. Between 2011 and 2012 some of his short tales contributed to several anthologies. His last tales collection book, Luna Park (2013), is a compilation of different genres, from horror to mystery and science fiction. From 2014 he works also as translator. He translated into Italian Robert Silverberg (The Emperor, the Maula and Liontime at Timbuctoo), Robert Reed (Savior, Camouflage). Currently he contributes also as reviewer with several Italian blogzine (“Mangialibri”, “Cronache di un Sole Lontano” and “True Science Fantasy”). His last Italian work is Lotto 117 (2014), he sold his first English work (The Latest One) to Mike Resnick’s “Galaxy’s Edge Magazine”.


Dear reader, here I collected only few and less significant flash stories. I wrote them during a really bad winter, rich of problems and strange mishaps. I could tell you about that time I had to run to a small cemetery in the middle of a rainstorm, loosing cause the rain my old netbook with all my drafted stories inside. Or maybe I could tell you about that other time, when my town was completely blacked out freezing entirely my hard disk (and, of course, everything I had inside it). But here the point is that all the stories you will find in this little collection were rejected. Sure, they were rejected by really important and competent editors, from great magazines like “Fantasy and Science Fiction”, or “Asimov's”, or “Clarkesworld”. So really you don't need to stop here and read them. But, if you want really do this, I'll be sincerely pleased, for you... and for me.

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Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth - Philip K. Dick I know, for me Dick is always the best, but I loved too much this novel

More Than Human

More Than Human - Theodore Sturgeon A good classic SF novel, really interesting the message shared by Sturgeon: union makes stronger


Flashback - Dan Simmons In this novel Simmons faces the eighties dystopia nightmares, now usual for the Science Fiction fans. A science fiction novel with a soft retro taste, a plot painted with the classic shades of techno thriller. However, a great writer like Simmons could not stop to trace the footsteps of other greats like Chandler and Gibson. Even while being in the wake of hard boiled and cyberpunk, Dan gives us a great affresco of a futuristic nightmare America. A future in which foreign corporations decide the fate of the U.S.A. economy, in which many citizens have become slaves of flashback, the new synthetic drug. New technologies have brought new poverty and new forms of alienation while the new powerful live in the lap of luxury. I worry about, indeed, the mistery plot is an excuse to take a look to the future rather than bleak and tell the decadence of the nation who still considers herself a world guide. Yet Simmons He does not give a subjective introspection of its protagonist. The nightmare is not just all around, but also within yourself. Go back on its steps and deal with their ghosts, what remained unresolved and that still haunts us. Here, maybe, the Ariadne's thread connecting the reader to this story.

Time and Again

Time and Again - Jack Finney A novel really unique, published in 1970 with a sequel in 1995 (the last novel published by Finney before dying, "From Time to Time"). Written in a style seemingly simple, smooth and pleasantly vivid as fresh spring water, this novel captures the reader from the first line with the scenes of an everyday life. A very normal workday life, where everyone could easily recognize himself almost without realizing it. Just riding the wave of this subtle satire of a daily life, Finney brings the reader into the core of the plot, straight toward the unexplored horizons of time. The classic themes of science fiction, time travel, here is unraveled with skilfully and originality, no clichés or typical time traveling stories commonplaces. Finney builds his story from the perspective of the human dimension, the common man view.

Lotto117 (Italian Edition)

Lotto117 (Italian Edition) - Fabio F. Centamore Mi è piaciuto. Divertente e non convenzionale. Una storia tutta da godere, senza alcuna concessione ad altri generi che non siano la sf.

Luna Park

Luna Park - Fabio F. Centamore Lascio il giudizio agli altri...

Il Vaso Ming

Il Vaso Ming - Fabio F. Centamore Perfetto per chi ama le storie "alla sicula" ma che siano diverse dal grande Montalbano... dopotutto in Sicilia abbiamo molto di più


L'Origine - Fabio F. Centamore Per gli amanti del genere fantascientifico è già presente da un po’ di tempo tra gli scaffali delle librerie un romanzo interessante. “L’origine” di Fabio F. Centamore, edito da Editrice Zona è un racconto avvincente nel quale la trama si snoda tra astronavi in viaggio tra galassie e vissute da personaggi molto particolari in un futuro non bene identificato.

La narrazione di Fabio è chiara e la successione delle immagini descritte si distende davanti ai nostri occhi come se stessimo leggendo un fumetto di classe. La storia è tanto avvincente da tenere il lettore sempre con il fiato sospeso e sorprenderlo ogni volta che l’azione sembra pronta ad una tregua.

I tormenti e i ricordi del protagonista Bruno Cristiano sono un ottimo collante e anche gli altri personaggi non umani hanno un’anima che fa affezionare il lettore. Non c’è un attimo di respiro e il mistero cresce fino a far perdere il lettore tra le avventure dei personaggi e le emozioni del protagonista.

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