Dear reader, here I collected only few and less significant flash stories. I wrote them during a really bad winter, rich of problems and strange mishaps. I could tell you about that time I had to run to a small cemetery in the middle of a rainstorm, loosing cause the rain my old netbook with all my drafted stories inside. Or maybe I could tell you about that other time, when my town was completely blacked out freezing entirely my hard disk (and, of course, everything I had inside it). But here the point is that all the stories you will find in this little collection were rejected. Sure, they were rejected by really important and competent editors, from great magazines like “Fantasy and Science Fiction”, or “Asimov's”, or “Clarkesworld”. So really you don't need to stop here and read them. But, if you want really do this, I'll be sincerely pleased, for you... and for me.

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