Flashback - Dan Simmons In this novel Simmons faces the eighties dystopia nightmares, now usual for the Science Fiction fans. A science fiction novel with a soft retro taste, a plot painted with the classic shades of techno thriller. However, a great writer like Simmons could not stop to trace the footsteps of other greats like Chandler and Gibson. Even while being in the wake of hard boiled and cyberpunk, Dan gives us a great affresco of a futuristic nightmare America. A future in which foreign corporations decide the fate of the U.S.A. economy, in which many citizens have become slaves of flashback, the new synthetic drug. New technologies have brought new poverty and new forms of alienation while the new powerful live in the lap of luxury. I worry about, indeed, the mistery plot is an excuse to take a look to the future rather than bleak and tell the decadence of the nation who still considers herself a world guide. Yet Simmons He does not give a subjective introspection of its protagonist. The nightmare is not just all around, but also within yourself. Go back on its steps and deal with their ghosts, what remained unresolved and that still haunts us. Here, maybe, the Ariadne's thread connecting the reader to this story.